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Dead Sea tour


Tours from Eilat to the Dead Sea


$ 130




Tour Description:


We offering for Tourists and visitors in Eilat a day trip to the Dead Sea - a rare natural phenomenon . This is the deepest depression in the ground, its banks today are at a depth of 410 m below sea level . The unique chemical composition of water , minerals and mud from the Dead Sea can cure incurable diseases elsewhere - skin , circulatory system , diseases of the joints and other . On the shores of the Dead Sea is a developed tourist infrastructure and the production of cosmetics , worldwide known as the " Dead Sea Cosmetics " .


these cosmetic products you can buy during a visit to this gem of Israel , as well as enjoy the wellness area in the saloon SPA Hotel 4 * or 5 * . At your disposal will be provided hydrogen sulfide baths , sauna, jacuzzi , pool with water from the Dead Sea and a landscaped beach on the shore .


Then you will find a hearty meal on the system " buffet " .






Schedule of the tour:

07:00 -   the bus will pick you from the hotel

10:00 -  Arriving at the Dead Sea SPA Hotel accommodation in 4 or 5*

17:00 -  Departure from the Dead Sea to Eilat

20:00 -  Back to Eilat

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