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One Day Tour To Petra  ( 210$ per person )



An Amazing One Day Tour To Petra 

Tour Plan

Gathering 07:00 AM (the hotels).

Pick up from Eilat

We will get organized and cross the border with a guide; A representative from the company will wait for us in the Jordan terminus. will have about 2 hours of journey to Petra.

we will have a nice and calm walk through the "Sik", 1200 meter, until arriving to the famous site called "the treasure". From there we will continue to "Nakrofokist" Center (city of the dead) Were we will see tombs carved into the rocks, Afterwards we will visit the amphitheater and go up to the observation point on the royal tombs and to the Roman Akardo.

20 minutes break to refresh and back to the trek.

The archeological track takes 3 – 4 hours (by foot); You can ride a horse either at the beginning of the tour or the end of the tour; as you choose.

We will have lunch (self service) promptly after the archaeological trek.

Before going back to the border we will have a panoramic tour in Aqaba.


Around 19:00 pm.

Tour tuition includes:

lunch; entrance for Petra; guide & transportation.

The Tour doesn't include:

border taxes about 70$ p.p

Jordan border crossing procedure

Visitors with a valid passport may obtain a visa at any Jordanian embassy, consulate, or legation abroad. You can also obtain a visa upon arrival at Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport or at any other border crossing (except the King Hussein Bridge and the ferryboat from Egypt).

Visa fees are 10 JD / $ 14 for single entry and 20 JD / $ 28 for multiple entries to be paid in local currency and are valid for two weeks but can be extended at any police station. Few formalities need to be observed when departing Jordan.

A departure tax of 5 JD is paid at any border crossings except the airports. There are three border crossings between Jordan and Israel. The Allenby/King Hussein Bridge, 57 kms away from Amman, located in the southern Jordan Valley, is open Sun. – Thurs. 08:00hrs – 20:00hrs for arrivals and 8:00 to 14:00 for departures and Fri-Sat 08:00hrs – 13:00hrs. PLEASE NOTE: Prior visas must be arranged and cannot be obtained at the border.

Private cars and tour buses cannot cross – trvaellers must change vehicles upon crossing or use the other two border crossings. Sheikh Hussein crossing /North Border, 90 kms away from Amman. located in the north close to Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee), open 24/7 throughout the year. Wadi Araba Crossing/South Border, located in the south, 324 kms away from Amman, connecting the two Red Sea resorts of Eilat and Aqaba. These are open Sun – Thurs 06:30hrs – 22:00hrs and Fri – Sat 0800hrs – 20:00hrs.

At these crossing, visas for most nationalities can be obtained at the border; prior permits are not needed except for restricted nationalities.

Wadi Araba Crossing closes on Islamic New Year day and Yom Kippur. PLEASE NOTE: These hours and regulations are all subject to change. For up-to-date details and information on which nationalities cannot obtain visas, contact a travel agent in Jordan. Iraq: Coming to Jordan by road from Iraq through Al Karamah Border Crossing which is 331 kms away from Amman and is open 24/7 throughout the year.

Saudi Arabia: There are three border crossings with Saudi Arabia from the east Umari Border Crossing: 155 kms away from Amman and is open 24/7 throughout the year.

Mudawara Border Crossing: 322 kms away from Amman, and is open 24/7 throught the year. Durra Border Crossing: It is in the south , 349 kms away from Amman and is open 24/7 throuhgout the year. 












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